The Head and Neck

Commonly we find that neck (cervical spine) joints become stiff or locked which in turn usually causes protective muscle spasm of some neck and shoulder muscles and weakness of others.

We often see patients who have unsuccessfully tried various neck treatment techniques. What we normally find it that it is a combination of neck joint, muscle stretching, massage, acupuncture, neural tissue, strength exercise and postural techniques that are required to reverse some well established poor habits.


There are now thought to be over 300 causes of headaches and migraine. Fortunately the vast majority of headaches are caused by one of these three headache sources, which makes them easier to treat.

You can simultaneously suffer one, two or more types or headache/migraine Your physiotherapist will be able to assist your diagnosis and headache source. Sometimes specific tests can confirm the diagnosis. On other occasions it can be by a process of elimination.

In a small percentage of patients there is unfortunately a sinister cause of your head pain, which should be thoroughly investigated.

We urge you to check with your doctor or physiotherapist to investigate further if your headaches have any of the following characteristics: new or different headache to your normal type, “Thunderclap” type headache, your “worst headache ever”, signs of neurological complications e.g. motor weakness, memory loss, new headache onset over the age of 50 years or headache associated with systemic symptoms e.g. weight loss, fever.

The Low Back

Your lower back region (otherwise known as the lumbar spine) is made up of five vertebrae (L1-L5). In between these vertebrae lie intervertebral discs which act as cushions between adjacent vertebrae, while at the same time protect the spinal cord. Your lumbar spine articulates on your sacrum, which wedges into your pelvis.

Nerves stem from the spinal cord, which provide muscles with sensations and messages to produce movement. Stability of your spine is provided through ligaments and muscles of the back, lower back and abdomen.

Most commonly, these back injuries are caused by muscular strains, ligament sprains and joint dysfunction, particularly when pain arises suddenly during or following physical loading of the spine.

The good news is that you can take measures to prevent or lessen most back pain episodes. Your physiotherapist is an expert who treats and can help you to prevent low back pain. Early diagnosis and treatment is the easiest way to recover quickly from lower back pain and to prevent a recurrence.

Back and Neck PainBack and Neck Pain

Spinal pain is a common condition treated by Physiotherapists and 90% of people will suffer from Back or Neck pain at some point in their lives.

Whether you have injured your back lifting something, suffered a whiplash injury or simply woken with pain and stiffness Nowphysio can help relieve your symptoms.

The Physiotherapist will complete a full assessment to identify the cause of the problem and at Nowphysio we have a wide range of treatment techniques from spinal mobilisation and manipulation to soft tissue techniques and Acupuncture.

We work closely with Fitness and Pilates Instructors and Massage Therapists to insure you get the right advice and treatment.

The comprehensive treatment and exercise programme will reduce pain, restore movement and speed recovery.

Nowphysio also offers a Back rehabilitation program which includes full assessment, treatment and course of massage in a nice little package to ease your pains.

Nowphysio is recognised by major health insurance providers and for your peace of mind the physiotherapists are all chartered and registered with the health professions council.

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